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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Symbolism of the Apple Tree

Why the Apple 
Tree ?
I have always had an affinity with trees and maybe with a name like Eve, the Apple Tree and I were bound to have a symbolic connection! But a tree has far more meaning for me than Eve and the Apple Tree- it offers shade, nurturance, a place for children to freely frolic, explore and climb, a place to reflect while lying and gazing up at the multi-hued leaves and filigreed shapes, a powerful symbol of the changing seasons; symbolising change, adaptation and aging, and a symbol of growth. A tree's roots grow deep, symbolising stability.

The apple tree for me personifies what I see in Expressive Arts therapy - it offers sustenance, shade, protection, stability, change, growth, play, food for thought, connection, omnipotence, beauty, colour, rhythm, abundance, care.... The celts reportedly saw the Apple Tree as a treasure; from the beauty and fresh aroma of the blossoms, followed by the fruit. 

Druids reportedly valued the qualities experienced when consuming an apple which they believed could transport one to a state of paradise. Ancient Celts valued the apple's ability to stay ripe and thus represent enduring qualities. They also saw it as a symbol of creativity and an emblem of both art and poetry. Apple Trees were linked with purity and fertility. 

(Celts info from What's Your Sign.com)

That should be ample reason for me to have dreamed that Apple Tree Synergy 
                                   was what it should be.

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